Town of Scott

Ordinances & Resolutions


Resolution 2017-01 Election Poll Works Hourly Rate of Pay

Resolution 2017-02 Public Records Requests Fees

Resolution 2017-03 Establishing Town Employee List & Rates of Pay

Resolution 2017-04 Re-Zoning of Parcel No. 24.303107.

Resolution 2017-05 Re-Zoning of Parcel No. 24.253106.

Resolution 2017-06 Authorizing Cost-Share for Culvert Replacement at Scott Road & Joe Snow Road

Resolution 2017-08 Authorizing Participation in Transcendent Technologies Tax Collection Program

Resolution 2017-09 Approving the 2018 Budget

Resolution 2017-10 Dog License Tax Collection

Resolution 2017-11 Appointing Election Inspectors (2018-2019 Tern)

Resolution 2017-12 Approving Re-Zoning of Real Estate

Resolution 2018-01 Amending Resolution 2017-11 Appointment of Election Workers 2018-2019 Term

Resolution 2018-02 Establishing Hourly Rate for Chief Election Inspector

Resolution 2018-03 Authorizing Borrowing for a New Town Grader

Resolution 2018-04 Approving Amendments to Lincoln County Zoning Code and Shoreland Zoning Standards

Resolution 2018-05 Approving Loan Documents

Resolution 2018-06 Approving Election Contingency Plan

Resolution 2018-07 Approving Amendments to the Zoning Code (Signs)

Resolution 2018-08 Approving Amendments to the Zoning Code (Waste Treatment Systems)

Resolution 2018-09 Town Transportation Resolution

Resolution 2018-10 Adopting the 2019 Town Budget

Resolution 2019-01 Authorizing Penalty for Returned Checks

Resolution 2019-02 Authorizing Carry-Over of Funds from 2018 to 2019 for Scheduled Road Projects

Resolution 2019-03 Adopting Mutual Aid Box Alarm System Agreement

Resolution 2019-04 Establishing Public Participation Procedures for Land Use Plan Updates

Resolution 2019-05 Approving Ordinance Amendments to Lincoln County Zoning Re Short Term Rentals

Resolution 2019-06 Appointing Election Inspectors for the 2020-2021 Term

Resolution 2019-07 Approving the 2020 Budget

Resolution 2019-08 Approving Town-Wide Roadside Garbage & Recycling

Resolution 2019-09 Authorizing Collection of Taxes Paid in Advance of Levy

Resolution 2019-10 Designating the Foto News as the Legal Publication for the Town of Scott

Resolution 2019-11 Authorizing Cost-Share for Culvert Replacement on Joe Snow Road

Resolution 2019-12 Authorizing Town Treasurer to Issue Kennel Licenses

Resolution 2020-01 Approving Zoning Ordinance Amendments (Boathouses)

Resolution 2020-02 Authorizing Memorial for David W. Rice

Resolution 2020-03 Supporting Petition for Variance (Wheeler's)

Resolution 2020-04 Appointing Peter Rajek, Jr. as Town Supervisor